Dos and Don’ts

Mouth ulcers can be a reason of inescapable pain. Regular activities like brushing teeth, rinsing your mouth or even eating your favourite food may aggravate the pain further. Therefore, you need to be careful if you are already dealing with the complications of a mouth ulcer.
Here is a list of suggestions, which you can follow or avoid in the event of mouth ulcer being the reason of irritation.

You should:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Maintain a diet of soft foods and consume in smaller bites
  • Use a soft bristle brush and brush very gently
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salted water
  • Apply Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel on the affected area, 4-5 times a day or as directed by your physician 

You can:

  • Avoid spicy, sour and hot food as it can irritate the ulcer
  • Avoid sharp and rough foods like chips
  • Avoid hard brushes and do not use a mouthwash which contains alcohol 
  • Avoid talking and chewing the food at the same time
  • Avoid applying ghee on the wound. It is not scientifically proven to help in healing the ulcer faster

Tips to follow

If you are prone to frequent mouth ulcers, do consult a doctor for appropriate treatment. You can also follow these simple tips to prevent the sharp pain from ruining your day: 
  • Consult your dentist if your dentures do not fit properly, or you have a sharp tooth edge
  • If you wear dentures, then wash them properly every day
  • Keep a track and avoid food and drinks that seem to give you the mouth ulcer
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Gently brushing and flossing twice a day can help to keep your mouth clean 
  • Eat healthy by including  a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and avoid food which is rich in fat, sugar and salt
  • Consult your doctor and take vitamin or mineral supplements if necessary
  • Quit smoking
  • Practice yoga and meditation or any other relaxation exercise of your choice to keep stress away