About Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are indeed annoying! Almost everyone has experienced a mouth ulcer at least once in their lifetime and know how agonising it is. These painful sores can develop anytime and make talking, eating and drinking an uncomfortable experience.

What are they?
Mouth ulcers are small wounds or lesions on the lining of the delicate skin inside the mouth. They appear in many different shapes and sizes and look reddish in colour. It can occur anywhere inside the mouth, such as on the lips, tongue, cheeks or base of the gums due to several mysterious reasons.
Mostly mouth ulcers do not require a doctor’s attention. But you do need to consult a doctor in the event of mouth ulcers lasting for more than three weeks. Consultation is advisable when mouth ulcers stay untreated by over the counter medicines.


Types of mouth ulcers ​

Mouth ulcers are wounds or lesions that appear inside the mouth.
Depending on their size and duration, mouth ulcers are broadly classified as minor and major.

Minor mouth ulcers

These are short term, meaning they resolve quickly. But even during their short duration it can create havoc and upset your mood.

Major mouth ulcers

These last for a longer duration and can be severe in nature. Compared to acute ulcers, these are much deeper wounds and more significant in size. A chronic ulcer that lasts for over 3-4 weeks with persistent pain may indicate some underlying disease which needs a doctor’s immediate attention.

Some mouth ulcers are formed due to a cluster of smaller, pinhead-sized sores.
These are known as herpetiform mouth ulcers. These occur rarely and are more common in adults than in children.